Published: Sun, June 17, 2018
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Federation Internationale de Football Association picks referee Pitana of Argentina for World Cup opener

Federation Internationale de Football Association picks referee Pitana of Argentina for World Cup opener

This is Messi's last World Cup, and I want the genius to win the Cup for his country. I worked hard on this, along with a Great Team of talented people. Campos is a lifelong fan but says even if you aren't a soccer fan, going to a World Cup game is a powerful experience.

"I don't think there is any doubt that the American public is far more soccer literate whether that is because of the World Cup (in 1994) or the presence of MLS or the presence of worldwide soccer on television and the changes in technology and social media that facilitate all of that", he told Reuters.

From arranging special screenings, hosting Federation Internationale de Football Association parties to customising menu on cards, fans are trying to make this World Cup memorable. Canadian officials have already said that there is a movement to stage games in all three countries on the tournament's opening day, should the so-called United bid carry the day.

The mayors of two of Canada's host cities celebrated the early-morning announcement on Twitter.

Edmonton Journal and Edmonton Sun sports reporter Derek Van Diest brought together a group of local World Cup enthusiasts to preview the tournament.

The spokesperson said it was "regrettable" that seven Arab nations did not supported Morocco, including close political allies such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

But FIFA president Gianni Infantino said CONCACAF, the governing body of soccer for North and Centreal America and the Caribbean, will have seven slots in 2026, and it will be up to CONCACAF to decide how to deploy them.

The report made the US-Canada-Mexico bid the clear favourite after rating it four out of five, and Morocco was not able to bridge the gap.

U.S. soccer president Carlos Corderio said after his bid's success on Wednesday: "It's a bit emotional for us today". This victory comes at a time when tensions between North American nations are high, with relations between the nations becoming more divisive, no thanks to the Trump Administration. Both Valerie Plante of Montreal and John Tory of Toronto retweeted a video of the bid team reacting to the news, with Tory adding, "We won!" However, the French legend was also voted the best player at the tournament, scoring three goals in six games, including one in the final.

Finally, the President of the United States, Donald trump turned to the allies to support a joint bid, and Ukraine is an ally of the United States.

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