Published: Wed, June 20, 2018
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Immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages at border facility

Immigrant kids seen held in fenced cages at border facility

Refusing to bow to police commands, the driver of the black SUV, carrying undocumented immigrants, continued to press the pedal to the metal, until the vehicle flipped off a highway in Big Wells, about 130 miles southwest of San Antonio.

A total of 14 people were in the vehicle, including the driver, who was not seriously hurt. Investigators have said the vehicle was carrying 14 people and traveling more than 100 miles per hour when it lost control and overturned on Texas Highway 85 near Big Wells.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials say four were pronounced dead at the scene midday Sunday. ProPublica said it was recorded by a person who declined to be identified for fear of retaliation, handed to a long-time civil rights attorney in Texas, who then passed it to the news organization.

The sheriff said he hadn't spoken to Border Patrol on the exact cause of the pursuit and nature of the crash.

The U.S. Customs and Borders Agency allowed reporters and Democratic lawmakers inside a detention centre in the state of Texas which has created a storm of outrage over a new U.S. government policy of separating migrant children from their parents.

According to Padilla, numerous current problems stem from a trend that developed when the government did not go after certain groups of illegal immigrants.

The incident comes amid heightened tensions over the treatment of immigrants at the southern border. Currently, seven remain hospitalized, including the juvenile, while one was taken into U.S. Border Patrol agents following medical care. The extreme speed plus the extra weight of the SUV being overloaded no doubt contributed to the severity of the crash, not to mention that there weren't even enough seat belts for all 13 occupants.

The driver, a suspected smuggler and also believed to be a US citizen, survived the crash, according to NBC News. Multiple arrests were made from both vehicles.

"If I was in Mexico, I would be coming across the US myself and I would be getting caught and I would be getting in trouble", Boyd said.

Boyd said the driver of the Suburban was also injured and was flown to a San Antonio hospital.

"This, I think, is a ideal example, of why are borders need to be secured", Boyd said. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have defended the administration's policies saying they are merely enforcing the law.

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