Published: Sat, June 23, 2018
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June 21 - International Yoga Day | Here’s How PM Modi Begins Celebrations

June 21 - International Yoga Day | Here’s How PM Modi Begins Celebrations

Free from illness, a path to wellness - that is the path of yoga, he said. "It can show the way in defeating tensions and mindless anxiety", Modi said on Twitter.

"When disintegrating forces gain prominence, it is yoga that unites and creates amity in societies, which forms the basis for national unity and unity among nations, and finally leads to universal peace and brotherhood".

The popularity of Yoga is going to increase not only in India but also in China, he said.

Other events were scheduled in New Delhi with 10,000 enthusiasts registered, but the biggest was expected to be in Mysore in the south with 80,000 signing up, according to organisers.

Submarine staff from India's Eastern Naval Command were pictured doing yoga poses, as were soldiers in Secunderabad.

Echoing a similar theme, Sri Lanka Consul General Abdul Wahid Abdul Salam said, "I have learned yoga five years back in Bangalore in India by staying in an ashram".

The artwork featured Modi, US President Donald Trump, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un all in the lotus position.

Modi said several people, who already practise Yoga, re-dedicate themselves to its pursuit.

Other, much smaller gatherings were scheduled around the world, including in Kilkenny in Ireland, Bahrain, Brisbane in Australia and in Milan.

On the northern facade of the United Nations building in NY a laser projection of yoga postures has been in place since Monday.

"Designed to help individuals build self-realisation, ease any suffering they may be experiencing and allow for a state of liberation, (yoga) is practised by the young and old without discriminating against gender, class or religion", UNESCO added in a tweet. Revati also said that he often practices yoga postures and he does feel more relaxed and comfortable immediately.

In India, more than 50,000 people joined Modi in performing yoga in the lawns of Dehradun's Forest Research Institute, in the Himalayan foothills of Uttarakhand. "It shouldn't be just for one day, it should be a part of our daily lives", he told reporters.

The centre, founded by Rajya Sabha MP and Essel Group Chairman Subhash Chandra, has been built as a state-of-art facility and will be a wellness destination that will offer therapies based on ancient Indian Yoga and Pranayam.

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