Published: Sun, July 01, 2018
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No One Can Accuse Drake of "Hiding a Son" Anymore

No One Can Accuse Drake of

And sure, Drake holds many sales records, but there is one that Adele holds that he has yet to usurp - she has the record for all-time best-selling album in the first week with 25.

Michael Jackson returned posthumously Friday with new music as the late King of Pop starred on the new album by Drake. It was reported that Drake's album was earning 10 million streams per hour at some point over the 24-hour stretch.

Pusha T explained: "Allegedly his new line on Adidas is called Adidon, which is named after Adonis, his son". This time, the energy was a bit different as fans and music critics waited to see if Drake would use the time to address a few rumors, and he most certainly did.

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". I wasn't hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid", raps the Canadian artist on a track called "Emotionless".

Why, exactly? "From empty souls who just wake up and looked to debate/Until you starin' at your seed, you can never relate", he continues.

And then there's "March 14", the closing track, which is a long and inward-looking verse about becoming a father. And he raps bitterly about custody struggles - a subject that also came up on "I'm Upset".

According to "March 14", Drake only met his baby's mother twice before the pregnancy.

He also revealed on the song that his son's birthday is October 11, a number which he also has tattooed on his body.

Almost a decade after his death, Jackson makes a guest appearance in Don't Matter To Me, a track which compliments the vocal styles of the two, and features Jackson's distinct voice on the chorus.

"Scorpion", which clocks in at almost 90 minutes, features an array of guest appearances by marquee rappers like Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Future. I had to come to terms with the fact that it's not a maybe.

On April 16th, Drake announced a new album via his IG page.

Drake even includes a snippet from an "Atlanta" episode on "In My Feelings". (There was no way that Drake wasn't going to have Jamaican slang and references on this thing.) "Dada" is also a nomenclature for "father", which Drake is trying to insist he's happy to admit he is now.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves - back to Side A, which hits a lull with several missteps, such as "Elevate", "Mob Ties" and the forgettable Jay-Z collaboration "Talk Up".

"I wasn't hiding my kid from the world". Bella's sister, Gigi, is also a model.

"You and your sister/Too hot to handle". Should I do NY?

"My house is full of supermodels just like Mohamed Hadid".

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