Published: Tue, July 10, 2018
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What are the Thai cave rescue divers up against?

What are the Thai cave rescue divers up against?

The operation on Monday went more smoothly than on Sunday and took two hours less as the practice became more refined, he said.

They said the four boys already rescued are hungry but in good health in a hospital.

Hospital authorities said the first group of four boys rescued on Sunday were in good health and they were mulling letting their parents meet their wards from Tuesday but from a glass door separation.

The rescue started at 10 am Thai time and involved 13 global divers and five Thai navy seals, who were described by Governor Narongsak as "an all-star team", reports the Daily Mail.

4 boys were brought out safely from the cave, but the mission was paused to replace the air tanks.

As of Monday morning, nine people remained trapped in the cave, including the 12-member team's coach, after four boys were rescued on Sunday, the first day of the rescue operation.

Rescue operations chief Narongsak Osottanakorn described Sunday's initial rescue bid as "D-Day" when it was launched, and there were fears that any one of many potential pitfalls could prove deadly.

Narongsak explained the group chose to move forward with the mission because heavy rains are expected in the area in the coming days, which could have further complicated the rescue.

"I would like to inform the public at home and those who have been giving us support all along, after 16 days, today's the day we've been waiting for, we are seeing the Wild Boars in the flesh now".

Thai officials had said Sunday that they were temporarily suspending the rescue effort so they could replenish oxygen supplies and other gear.

Eight more boys and their coach need to be removed from the cave, and the rescue has resumed, CNN reports.

Thailand's prime minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, who visited the cave Monday, also stopped by to see the eight boys in the hospital, Osatanakorn said.

On Sunday, teams of divers brought out four of the trapped boys but waited several hours before confirming their safe rescue. First of all, four of the boys were successfully extracted from the cave system.

On Monday, skies were largely clear over the site but rain has been forecast for at least the next three days. They were accompanied by two professional divers each throughout.

The global effort to save the Thai boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave includes divers and experts from all over the world.

On July 6th, former Thai Navy diver, Petty Officer Saman Gunan died while helping deliver oxygen to the team. Earlier in the day, he went to Phuket to check on the search operation of tourists who were missing after a boat capsized off the resort island's coast on Thursday.

None of the boys' identities have not yet been publicly revealed.

For the youngsters who have gone nearly two weeks with no nutrition - many of whom can't swim and have never been diving before - the challenge is incredibly hard and risky.

But with oxygen levels inside dropping to unsafe lows and the prospect of heavy rains flooding the area completely, authorities decided they had to move quickly, and take the group out through the water-filled tunnels.

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