Published: Sun, July 15, 2018
Money | By Wilma Wheeler

Amazon Prime Day Meets Black Friday in July

Amazon Prime Day Meets Black Friday in July

Last but not the least, if you subscribe to Amazon Prime membership before July 16, you remain eligible for a 36-hour Prime-exclusive sale that starts next Monday.

On top of this, Amazon announced it would be running a series of events around the world to showcase its extra services.

This is Amazon's fourth year to hold the event.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership?

If you're an Amazon Prime member who shops at Whole Foods it's hard to think of a reason not to take advantage of this deal. It's ad-free and lets you download songs and albums to enjoy offline. The sale is exclusive to Prime members which now represents about 45% of USA households. The deal coincides with AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery promotions. There will also be discounts of 30% on select STEM toys, 30% off on office products from Amazon's own brands like AmazonBasics, 50% off kids apparel from popular brands, and 40% off denim styles from Levi's and The Children's Place.

Both eBay Plus and Amazon Prime have a free trial period, enabling users to participate in the sales promo for free.

According to the Observer, Spanish employees launched a general strike on 10 July in the lead-up to Prime Day, and have encouraged workers in other parts of Europe-including Italy, France, Germany, Poland and England-to take part.

For the parents out there, expect 30 percent off these products and more. Your best bet on Prime Day is to do your homework, don't impulse buy, make sure you read reviews on sale items, make sure what you're getting has all the bells and whistles you want, and is really a sale price. "The anticipation effect can do more for sales than the mystique of when it is", wrote NPD chief industry advisor Marshal Cohen in a blog post.

Because of the success of Prime Day other retailers have began joining the efforts to host a summer Black Friday sales on key items. These events and sales drive users to post on social media, which may, in turn, lead to more sales and brand promotions. As a result, Prime subscribers can consume Prime music and video content using Echo product lineup, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Alexa-enabled devices.

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