Published: Sun, July 15, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Trump attacks CNN, NBC and British paper in news conference

Trump attacks CNN, NBC and British paper in news conference

President Trump denied criticizing British Prime Minister Theresa May when taking questions from the press Friday, despite there being easily accessible audio of his scathing interview with British tabloid The Sun.

In a surprise, President Trump admitted Saturday that he watched CNN.

According to The Hill, at the Trump received another question from Acosta as he was leaving the podium. "Then the president attacked CNN during his United Kingdom presser, and our WH correspondent tried to ask a question", he tweeted.

British reporters also caught heat from the United States leader, with Trump chastising The Sun for cutting out all the praise he had heaped on May from a sensationalist interview published Thursday. "I don't take questions from CNN", Trump responded.

Sanders responded, in a concise demonstration of why she's a terrible press secretary, by slamming Acosta for "disrespecting" the president - without naming the CNN reporter. "Let's go to- Let's go to a real network", said Trump. He then called on Fox News' John Roberts, saying, "Let's go to a real network".

Trump also hit NBC for being "possibly worse than CNN" at the same press event.

Trump looked back over his shoulder and gave Acosta the shortest sound bite in presidential history.

At one moment in the press conference on Friday, CNN's Jim Acosta attempted to ask Trump a question.

"I know Kristin Welker of NBC". She is honest as the day is long. "To say the president called us "fake news" with any serious intent is, well ... fake news".

He argued that the president's attacks on CNN, his former employer, were wrong. There are some fine journalists who work there and risk their lives to report on stories around the world.

"To issue a blanket condemnation of the network as "fake news" is also unfair".

Dornic later shared that Roberts had blocked him on Twitter.

Roberts's defense of his colleagues wasn't enough for CNN's vice president of communications and digital partnerships. Next time try and show some class in the moment.

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