Published: Thu, July 19, 2018
Sports | By Sarah Myers

Hometown slugger wins All-Star Home Run Derby

Hometown slugger wins All-Star Home Run Derby

Chandler owns Chandler Bats and made this bat for Hoskins, as well as one for derby favorite Bryce Harper.

This particular Home Run Derby is one that the Washington Nationals and Bryce Harper will remember forever. The spectacle won him the contest in the most dramatic way possible, but now accusations are beginning to circulate that Harper and his father actually cheated. It was an incredible moment not only for me but the organization and Nationals fans.

Why, you ask? Because, it turns out, Kyle Schwarber is the real Home Run Derby champ. Harper did just that and then walked-off with a home run during his 30-second bonus round.

Harper, who had his dad pitching for him, defeated Max Muncy of the Dodgers in the semifinals to earn a spot in the finals.

"It was a ton of fun", Schwarber told ESPN.

Update: Harper advanced to the semifinals by hitting six homers of more than 440 feet, downing Freeman, 13-12. Rhys Hoskins put on a show. Harper went on to knock off Schwarber in the final round to claim the Home Run Derby title.

Harper advanced to the final with an astonishing spree of long-ball hitting.

A few years ago Major League Baseball revamped the Home Run Derby format to make things more exciting and hey, it worked.

The record of opportunities for excellence available, yet never fully seized, loomed over Harper's Home Run Derby performance. Hoskins pumped most of his drives into the left-field seats, where it's 336 feet down the line. The next thirty seconds of extra time was exquisite, as Schwarber smashed four dingers in order to advance to the finals in his first derby appearance.

His 17 home runs in the opening round caught the attention of the baseball world.

Muncy advanced by defeating No. 6 seed Javier Baez of the Cubs, 16-15.

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