Published: Fri, July 27, 2018
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European Union negotiator rejects key element of United Kingdom govt Brexit plan

European Union negotiator rejects key element of United Kingdom govt Brexit plan

"Barnier has savagely slapped down the Government's already broken Brexit plan".

Furthermore, the statement takes issue with the practicality of implementing select proposals, stating "Brexit can not, and will not, be a justification for creating additional bureaucracy".

Speaking to the BBC, Raab refused to deny reports the government is planning to stockpile food or use a section of motorway in England as a lorry park to deal with increased border checks if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal.

A key recommendation in the wide-ranging report - which takes stock of how food, food security and food regulation are being addressed by the United Kingdom government in the Brexit discussions - is that a hard "food Brexit" must be avoided at all costs, as under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules the United Kingdom would be categorised as a third country. As the new Brexit Secretary, I am relishing the challenge.

"We have no objection in principle to this", Barnier said.

"I think we will be braced for all the eventualities".

The DUP has warned it will never accept a border between Northern Ireland and the British mainland, and could potentially walk out of the "supply and confidence" deal it has with May's Conservatives, leading to the collapse of the government and fresh elections.

"Anyone who wants to find a sliver of difference between my mandate and what the heads of government say they want, are wasting their time, quite frankly", he told reporters at a joint press conference with the new Brexit secretary, Dominic Raab, in Brussels.

The UK has said it can not accept a backstop that effectively keeps Northern Ireland alone in the EU customs union, erecting a trade frontier in the Irish Sea.

He said: "We have designed our proposals both to respect the result of the referendum, and the core principles of the EU".

Mr Raab signalled that he is looking for compromise from Brussels in response to Mrs May's white paper, noting that the European Union was able to take an "innovative" approach "when the political will has been there".

The Brexit secretary told Mr Barnier: "Michel, we've got work to do".

"Like any business, we consider a wide range of scenarios in planning discussions so that we're prepared to continue serving customers and small businesses who count on Amazon, even if those scenarios are very unlikely".

"And of course if one party fails to honour its side of that overall bargain, there will be consequences for the deal as a whole - and that includes the financial settlement".

The plan is to start debating the new bill once a withdrawal agreement has been agreed with the European Union and approved by way of a vote in parliament.

Newsnight political editor Nicholas Watt noted the Prime Minister was targeting Mr Kurz as Austria holds the rotating presidency of the European Union. This would allow for the new Bill to pass through Parliament in late 2018 and early 2019.

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