Published: Fri, July 27, 2018
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White House bars CNN correspondent from open press event

White House bars CNN correspondent from open press event

A pool reporter who was updating other members of the press noted: 'On what appears to be the nicest day Washington has had all week, the White House has informed the pool that POTUS will motorcade to JBA because of bad weather, ' she wrote, referring to the president.

Fox News' Shep Smith took on the narrative from the White House about what happened when CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was "disinvited" from a press event.

The White House press corps rallied around her, expressing their solidarity on Twitter, in statements and in interviews with other media outlets.

She and her employer, CNN, said she was barred because White House officials found her questions "inappropriate", which Mr. Gidley disputed.

The decision was announced by the White House press shop on a day when reporters and correspondents made their way to the building in hopes of getting the president to spout off on simmering issues, from Russian Federation to his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen.

"First of all, just step back for a second and contemplate the notion that anybody associated with President Trump thinking that a reporter is rude". "When you ask her if we ever used the word ban, then I will answer that question", he responded.

At an Oval Office pool spray early in the day, Collins - representing television networks - was one of the reporters peppering the president with questions. "I've seen it on lower thirds", Shine said to a group of reporters assembled outside the White House Thursday. Journalists sometimes ignore the shouts of White House aides in such settings if it seems like the president might answer a question.

Numerous reporters, including many from the European Union delegation, had been shouting questions, and, as usual, it took some time for the pack of journalists to file out the doors.

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Smith aired footage of Shine telling reporters to ask the CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins, if he ever used the word "ban" in telling her she could not attend the event. "She also asked Trump if he is anxious about what might be on any other tapes recorded by Cohen, and why Russian President Vladimir Putin had not yet accepted Trump's invitation to come to Washington".

On his visit to the UK, Mr Trump attacked an article in The Sun on the same grounds, although retracted his statement after speaking to a reporter from the paper.

CNN, in a statement, objected to the move, calling it "retaliatory in nature" and "not indicative of an open and free press".

In response to the incident, Fox News anchor Bret Baier tweeted his support: "As a member of the White House Press pool- @FoxNews stands firmly with @CNN on this issue and the issue of access".

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