Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
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F1: Hamilton Wins In Hungary GP; Vettel Beats Raikkonen For Second

F1: Hamilton Wins In Hungary GP; Vettel Beats Raikkonen For Second

Vettel now trails Hamilton by 24 points, one short of a race victory, heading into F1's summer break.

Following back-to-back defeats to Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport and Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari's lead challenger, Sebastian Vettel, has lost significant ground in the drivers' championship.

Though Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) are in third and fourth position, respectively, it will be hard for them to pose a challenge against Hamilton and Vettel, considering the blistering pace of latter two and also the gap in the points table.

The search for constant improvement can take a break for a couple of weeks at least with the next race not until August 26 in Belgium.

Hamilton in lead doesn't mean that he has significant immunity in the championship race.

They chose to start on ultra-soft tyres to maximise the grip off the line and minimise the chances of being jumped by the Ferraris, always quick starters, on the run to the first corner. We had to stop earlier than we wanted because of Kimi, we had to cover him.

It marked Hamilton's second win in just eight days following his remarkable triumph in the rain at Hockenheim, and another blow to Vettel who has lost 32 points to his rival in just two races.

By lap 35, he was still 25 seconds in front - five more than he needed.

"The race went pretty quickly, we were pushing all the time". He broke his front wing but Vettel somehow continued without damage or a puncture, keeping Raikkonen at bay in the process to finish a distant second behind Hamilton.

When overtaking Bottas, Vettel passed the Mercedes at Turn 1 but the Finn then tried to force his way down the inside at Turn 2, resulting in contact. "The points gap is big so I'm sure the team will decide at some point".

So from hoping to attack Hamilton, Vettel was now faced with trying to pass the Briton's team-mate.

"Looking back at the race, Lewis' stint in the first part with the ultra showed the ultra was a lot stronger than on Friday and what we expected".

"It obviously hurt us but l am confident that if we have a vehicle to fight with we can put them under pressure and make things happen in the second half".

Judging from the stats alone, Hamilton's time at Mercedes has been more successful - no surprise there really.

"But thanks to his fight he enabled us to come away with three more points as a team than Ferrari".

Team boss Wolff said: "It wasn't realistic for us to win".

"So, I am confident that we can improve and it should be a very exciting second half to the season". "And hopefully we will be able to upgrade our package in the second-half of the season so it's a little bit stronger than theirs".

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