Published: Wed, August 01, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Suspects Steal Shark From Aquarium By Disguising It As Baby

Suspects Steal Shark From Aquarium By Disguising It As Baby

But "they finally convinced me that it was true somebody had walked in and stole a shark out of a aquarium", he told NBC affiliate WOAI of San Antonio.

A 38-year-old man has since been arrested, according to KSAT12. Another man is then seen depositing a blanket-wrapped item into a stroller and walking off, accompanied by the first man and a woman carrying a child.

According to police, the suspect allowed police to enter the home and pointed them to where the shark was.

Shannon attempted to block his face from KSAT photographers, repeatedly denying any involvement in the shark theft.

Then Monday, the aquarium released video footage of the shark stealing operation.

As of Monday night, the stolen gray horn shark, which the aquarium has estimated to be worth $2,000, has been found alive.

Police said the shark was carried in the pram in a bucket.

Monday night, the aquarium again took to Facebook to post video of the shark's return. Police chief Joseph Salvaggio said his officers had initially dismissed the call out as a hoax.

Salvaggio said the aquarium was lucky that it was dealing with someone who knew how to care for sharks.

Authorities used the license plate of the truck to locate one of the suspects.

Miss Helen is now being held in quarantine as staff tests the water she was held in and acclimates her back into the aquarium environment. He seemingly abandoned the woman and other man seen in the video. "And when we got into the garage and into the house, it looked like nearly a mock-up of (the aquarium)", he said.

"The Leon Valley Police Department Criminal Investigations Division has been in contact with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) investigators concerning the theft of this marine animal. Obviously, he likes those types of animals". Horn sharks grow to be about three feet in length and are bottom-feeders native to the North American Pacific, according to Sharksider.

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