Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
Health Care | By Belinda Paul

Smoking is now banned at public housing complexes

Smoking is now banned at public housing complexes

The new rule by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development includes a ban on smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

In December 2016, the Department of Housing and Urban Development passed a ruling requiring all housing authorities to have a smoke-free policy in place by July 31, 2018. This new policy will protect residents and staff of public housing units, many of whom are senior citizens, children, and people with disabilities, from the dangers of secondhand smoke. The statement added, "hookah involves combustion and hookah smoke exposes users to numerous same toxicants found in cigarette smoke".

However, some public housing residents in Memphis said the ban just isn't fair.

She says it can linger in rooms and travel between homes in multi-unit housing. "There is not like good weather in the winter, so for them to have to go outside and smoke, that's a hard thing", said Bella.

The dangers of smoking are well-documented, but as Rumnit points out, they may not be the authority's biggest priority. The ban will not prohibit e-cigarettes, snuff, or chewing tobacco.

Ince said residents were given ample time to prepare for the new rule and have their questions answered.

"Smoking in any area where it is not allowed will be treated as a lease violation", HUD's website states. The initiative is meant to provide healthier homes to residents and healthier working environments for employees, according to an announcement from the New York City Housing Authority. Tenants could also face eviction after several smoking violations.

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