Published: Sun, August 05, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

VIDEOS show Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues

VIDEOS show Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues

Several drones loaded with explosives have detonated close to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro while he was speaking at an event, according to the country's Information Minister.

The moment Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro's speech was interrupted by approaching drones laden with explosives was captured on video.

Seconds later, dozens of soldiers were seen running away before the broadcast was cut off, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported.

Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez says Maduro was not harmed.

Maduro said he believed Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was also responsible.

Smoke was later seen rising above the area where the explosion took place, as well as fire at a nearby building.

FIn this May 24, 2018, photo, Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro watches a military parade in Caracas, Venezuela. It was not clear whether they were injured by the explosion or by the mass pandemonium in the military as they broke formation to flee.

However, seven members of the Venzuelan national guard were injured and are being treated, Mr Rodriguez said.

However, firefighters near the scene are disputing the government's version of events.

Mr Maduro is expected to address the nation soon.

In the midst of near-daily protests previous year, a rogue police officer flew a stolen helicopter over the capital and launched grenades at several government buildings.

The transmission was then cut off.

"Today we continue our struggle, because the Bolivarian National Armed Forces function is to guarantee the independence, the sovereignty of the nation, territorial integrity and internal public order", the group said.

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