Published: Wed, August 08, 2018
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Trump predicts victory for GOP's Balderson

Trump predicts victory for GOP's Balderson

"I asked him, I said, Troy, why did you invite Trump in here, the president?"

Here in CT, of course, that latter term is said in revulsion by GOP leadership to describe funds that are used to attract industry to this state in competition against primarily Republican-ruled states that also dangle financial incentives before companies to induce them to locate there.

Trump also brought to the stage Ohio Representative Jim Jordan, "a tough cookie".

Stephanopoulos also asked about Trump's tweet this weekend taking a swipe at National Basketball Association star and OH native LeBron James, saying it is hard to make "LeBron look smart". In calling three prominent African-Americans all but stupid, Trump once again left himself open to accusations of racism.

Trump is appearing at Olentangy Orange High School north of Columbus in support of GOP congressional candidate Troy Balderson before a special election Tuesday.

While the OH governor is claiming that Trump has managed to alienate a decent portion of the Republican party's base, he continues to insist that Balderson will still wind up winning the election due to O'Connor's "weak" campaign. He tore into Waters, who is also black, and derided her as "an extremely low IQ person".

That digital missive came several hours after the president celebrated the first day of his weeklong vacation at a New Jersey golf club he owns by unleashing a series of tweets whacking at fan favorites: the "FAKE NEWS!" media and "Rigged Witch Hunt" special-counsel investigation into his administration. The crowd cheered and chanted the campaign staple rallying cry, "Build the wall, build the wall".

Trump relished playing the role of Republican kingmaker, bragging how the GOP candidates he's opposed, like Rep. Mark Sanford of SC, have lost.

President Donald Trump is predicting a "tremendous victory" for OH state Sen.

"Jim Jordan, how great is he?"

President Donald Trump blasted Democrats during a raucous election rally here Saturday that was focused heavily on immigration, telling an enthusiastic crowd he needed more Republicans in Congress to accomplish his agenda. "He's a fearless, tough cookie".

Trump's rally was the third he's held this week ahead of the November midterm elections, following events in Florida and Pennsylvania.

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