Published: Fri, August 10, 2018
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How India, China and European Union weigh in on US' sanctions on Iran

How India, China and European Union weigh in on US' sanctions on Iran

So, how are people in Iran coping? "They can't think that Iran won't export oil and others will export".

Iran's envoy at the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo said in an report published by The Guardian that the U.S. is making history not just by violating a United Nations Security Council resolution it voted for three years ago, but also by penalizing countries who stick to the same unanimous resolution, according to Khoshroo.

A large-scale naval exercise by Iran last week in the Strait of Hormuz was a designed message to the United States, Army Gen. Joseph Votel said Wednesday. "We expect our maritime forces to operate in a professional manner, and I think we should expect that from others who operate in the global maritime environment".

The EU was quick to issue a statement in defense of the landmark accord, vowing to fight the American sanctions and protect the firms working with Iran.

French oil and gas giant Total said it would comply with USA sanctions unless it receives a waiver.

Israel has warned Iran against building up a military presence on its doorstep. Siemens said it is taking measures to make its business activities conform to the "changed multilateral framework".

"As long-term experience has shown, it will not be possible to gain concessions from Iran using pressure", it said.

Scattered protests, along with a heavy police presence in many places were reported Wednesday across Iran, one day after the first round of new US economic sanctions went into effect.

"You need declarations of what North Korea has, you need observers and inspectors who can verify exactly what's happening", stated U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton.

"I congratulate President Trump and the United States administration for making the important decision to impose sanctions on Iran. But now, all the countries in the world are supporting Iran".

On the face of it, the United States threat puts German firms in a quandary. "We don't find the sanctions right either", Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. "At the same time, ignoring USA sanctions can be a major disadvantage, especially in terms of access to the U.S. market". The gap between Europe's aspirations as a wannabe great power and its impotence in the face of U.S. power is as wide as ever.

She added: "The EU blocking statue is there to help".

Netanyahu also expressed hope that the European Union would follow the American example and would join Trump's efforts to reverse the Obama Administration's premature lifting of sanctions in 2016. "Nobody can do anything", Khamenei said recently, the website reported. A wave of attacks that United States authorities blamed on Iran between 2012 and 2014 targeted banks and caused tens of millions of dollars in damage. How do you quantify the damage?

The Defense Department announced last week that it was monitoring a major Iranian naval exercise that began August 2 in the vicinity of the Strait of Hormuz, timed to coincide with the USA reimposition of stringent economic sanctions on Iran restricting trade, export of certain products, and the ability to purchase US currency.

There have been rumours that Trump and Rouhani could meet in NY in September on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly - though Rouhani reportedly rejected U.S. overtures for a meeting at 2017 event.

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