Published: Tue, August 28, 2018
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Cohen's lawyer walks back claim Trump knew of Russia meeting

Cohen's lawyer walks back claim Trump knew of Russia meeting

He told WaPo on Saturday: "I should have been more clear - including with you - that I could not independently confirm what happened. But I am not sure".

They're the ultimate insiders, but the lawyers speaking publicly on behalf of President Donald Trump and his longtime "fixer"-turned-foe Michael Cohen have been fumbling the facts of late". He appears, according to Huffington Post writer Jenna Amatulli, to be referring to a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, which did indeed indicate that Trump has a 90 percent approval rating among Republicans (and a 10 percent approval rating among Democrats). "I regret my error". After the sit-down came to light, Trump insisted his son never informed him of the Trump Tower meeting and that he learned about it from media reports. He said he raised the idea that Cohen might have information about Trump's knowledge because he had a strong feeling that might be the case.

The following day, The Washington Post reported that Cohen had told associates that he witnessed an exchange in which Trump Jr. told his father about an upcoming gathering in which he expected to get information about Clinton. He also handled Trump's tax returns. "And to have the president then, you know, speak so well of Paul Manafort was somewhat unusual", Gonzales said.

He told NBC News on August 19 that he didn't know if participants in the meeting, including Trump Jr. and Manafort, knew that lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya "was Russian at the time".

Separately, federal prosecutors in NY granted immunity to tabloid executive and longtime Trump friend David Pecker to discuss Cohen's case.

"When Hillary didn't retain the 30,000 emails when asked by Congress and destroyed them, that makes people angry", Duffy said. In court filings, prosecutors say two unnamed Trump Organization employees - "executive 1" and "executive 2" - helped set up the reimbursement.

Trump, who has denied knowing about the meeting, seized on Davis' about-face.

Although Trump cannot be indicted as a sitting president, his businesses can be, Dershowitz warned.

"This despite all of the made up stories by the Fake News Media trying endlessly to make me look as bad and evil as possible."
"The answer is that I did NOT know about the meeting".

CNN said it stands by the story, which included reporting from Pulitzer Prize-winning Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein.

"Comical to watch @CNN covering for leftist hack @carlbernstein", tweeted the younger Trump.

McDougal sold her story to American Media for $150,000 USA in August 2016 but it was never published by the National Enquirer, a practice known as "catch and kill" aimed at suppressing potentially damaging stories.

"Are you a hero?" a television reporter shouted at Michael Cohen as he left his NY apartment last week.

Our interest was piqued by statements from former White House special counsel Lanny Davis, who represents Trump's former attorney and so-called "fixer" Michael Cohen.

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