Published: Fri, August 31, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

California scraps cash bail in move touted as economic fairness

California scraps cash bail in move touted as economic fairness

Incarceration should instead depend on the risk a defendant poses if they are released, they argue.

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In a statement, the executive directors of the ACLU's three California affiliates said they were disappointed Brown had signed SB 10 into law.

A risk-assessment tool weighs factors in pretrial detainees' background, including the charges faced, prior convictions and a history of failure to appear in court, and then assigns the defendant a risk level based on those factors.

Brown told The Wall Street Journal in an interview last week that while he supported efforts to increase the state's reliance on renewable energy, it was important for there to be a roadmap in place in order for the goal to be "credible".

California is the first state to eliminate money bail completely, according to the Pretrial Justice Institute, an organization that advocates for pretrial justice reform. The organization is involved with bail overhaul efforts in more than 30 other states.

"Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly", Brown said.

Zamutt owns Bail Bond Woman and says she will not only will lose her job along with 7,000 others, but also notes she has been fighting for two years - tweeting more than 29,000 times against legislation to eliminate bail.

SB 10 authors Hertzberg and Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Alameda, negotiated for nearly a year with the reform groups and lobbyists for the bail industry, alongside Cantil-Sakauye and judges on her Pretrial Detention Reform Work Group.

"[Senate Bill 10] sets up a system that allows judges almost unlimited discretion to order people accused of crimes, but not convicted and presumptively innocent, to be held in jail with no recourse until their case is solved", wrote a delegation of criminal justice reform advocates to the governor.

Most suspects accused of nonviolent felonies will be released within 12 hours of booking, while those charged with serious, violent felonies will stay in jail before trial.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones wrote an op-ed for the Sacramento Bee, calling the bill "a disaster for public safety".

Does the law go far enough? Brown will sign into law. Opponents of the 100% renewable bill warned that electricity prices would go up if the state relied too heavily upon intermittent solar and wind before energy storage improves.

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