Published: Fri, August 31, 2018
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Mourners gather for Arizona church service for McCain

Mourners gather for Arizona church service for McCain

John McCain, R-Arizona, who died on August 25 after battling brain cancer.

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke forcefully as he said politics wasn't what was most important to Sen.

Biden, who represented DE as a USA senator starting in the 1970s before he became vice president to Barack Obama, also spoke about how, during debates in the 1980s and 1990s, he and McCain would often sit next to each other, even though they belonged to opposing parties.

Former Vice President Joe Biden paid tribute to the late Sen. John McCain, Google Maps displayed "McCain Senate Office Building" on its website for several hours Wednesday.

Hundreds of Arizonans were seen lining the streets to pay final respects as McCain's flag-draped coffin was then driven in a black hearse, escorted by four policemen on motorcycles, towards the airport for transport to Washington aboard a United States military plane.

Currently, Congress has been floating the idea of renaming the Senate Office Building after the late McCain, who died last Saturday from a struggle with brain cancer, The Hill reported.

Grant Woods, McCain's former chief of staff, delivered what sounded like a veiled shot at President Trump, noting that McCain "wouldn't stand by" when people try to stamp on the Bill of Rights, "including the First Amendment".

The church's senior pastor, Noe Garcia, pronounced McCain "a true American hero".

He will lie in state Friday in Washington, D.C., before being buried at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.

The senator embodied basic values, he said, including fairness, honesty and respect.

The crowd of 3,500 inside the church stood silently as the casket was placed before a set of floral arrangements and McCain's family entered behind it. Biden, 24 sitting USA senators, four former senators and other leaders were expected to attend the memorial.

Mr Biden also referred to his own son's death from cancer, saying of the disease, "It's brutal, it's relentless, it's unforgiving".

Some two dozen senators from both parties attended Thursday's church ceremony, as did McCain's children and wife Cindy, who wore black mourning dress.

People watch the motorcade carrying the casket of U.S. Sen. Trump offered no evidence of bias, but a top adviser said the White House is "taking a look" at whether Google should face federal regulation.

The memorial was laced with humor and featured a racially and ethnically diverse roster of speakers and other participants.

"How does this unlikely pair become friends" he said.

"We shall not see his like again", Biden said.

As the hearse made its way along the 8-mile route, people held signs that read simply "McCain" and cars on the other side of the highway stopped or slowed to a crawl in apparent tribute. I saw how respected he was and how much admiration he commanded from people from across the political spectrum. "You just slip on the bracelet and wear it for as long as you want".

Five days of services had begun in Phoenix on Wednesday, which would have been McCain's 82nd birthday.

"Senator McCain was a shining example of what a modern leader should be", Doan said in a statement released by the Coyotes, adding "I am so honored to have been able to call Senator McCain my friend, and am grateful to his family for allowing my family to be a part of their lives".

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