Published: Thu, September 06, 2018
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2018 iPhone Lineup - What to Expect before Sept 12!

2018 iPhone Lineup - What to Expect before Sept 12!

In a new research note shared today, Kuo argues that Fingerprint On Display, or FOD, technology will grow 500% in 2019 as Android phones continue to adopt the technology, but Kuo says Apple won't be embedding Touch ID in new iPhones next fall. Apple fans are curious to know how the new iPhones will look like, what will be the expected prices and color scheme as well.

iPhone XS Not to be confused with iPhone Excess, the next generation iPhone will be called iPhone XS, according to 9to5Mac. Adding an "S" to the previous model is the same naming convention Apple has used previously, but a Roman numeral really throws everything off. And by the look of it, Apple would be proud. Finally, there's a button - or something like it - on the device's right-hand side, but at this point no one is quite sure of its goal. You can see in the video, an iPhone X look-alike model with Gold Color.

The removal of the home button will diminish de bezels and increase the screen size of the devices. But with about a week left before Apple's event, there's still time to make this phone the "iPhone 11" - or, at least, not the XS.

The iPhone XC, on the other hand, could be offered in different color options, just like the iPhone 5C. Image courtesy of Bloomberg. The iPhone Xs will be priced the same as the iPhone 8 Plus was a year ago, and the iPhone Xs Max will command the same premium as the iPhone X did in 2017.

With just a little over a week until Apple's event, the rumor mill is not slowing down.

"For obvious reasons, this consumption can dissatisfy users as their overall expected amount of available storage space is reduced for seemingly unknown reasons". Talking about specification, the iPhone XC will come with a 6.1-inch LCD display, Apple A12 SoC and 3GB of RAM.

The smart connector is now on the shorter side of the tablet, above the charging port, suggesting Apple wishes you to use the device in portrait mode when connected to a keyboard.

But Apple's decision should not be interpreted as a lack of interest in the feature.

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