Published: Fri, September 07, 2018
Sci-tech | By Spencer Schmidt

Tracking the tropics: Gordon makes landfall near Alabama-Mississippi border

Tracking the tropics: Gordon makes landfall near Alabama-Mississippi border

By mid-morning today winds were around 45mph with higher gusts as it moved west-northwest at close to 16 miles per hour across Key Largo towards the southeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Warnings and Tropical Storm Warnings have been issued for parts of the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida coasts.

Tropical Storm Gordon appeared to be gathering strength as it emerged into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico on Monday afternoon, and the National Hurricane Center's forecast track takes the core of the storm very close to Alabama by Tuesday night.

As Tropical Storm Florence gathered strength in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean, a tropical disturbance over the Bahamas is threatening to bring gusty winds and heavy rain to the northern Gulf Coast this week.

Meanwhile, Florence has been upgraded to hurricane status, packing 75-mph winds as it moves west-northwest at 12 miles per hour.

Gordon formed Monday morning over the Florida Keys as it moved toward the Gulf of Mexico. There is also a high risk of rip currents at area beaches on both coasts through Tuesday from Tropical Storm Gordon. The Gulf regions would face continuous rainfalls in the coming days due to the movement of the hurricane storm through the region.

The storm was forecast to become a Category 1 hurricane by the time it makes landfall on the central Gulf Coast Tuesday evening, likely between Mobile and New Orleans, according to the National Hurricane Center. The National Hurricane Center placed the chances for development this week at 80%.

A flash flood watch is in place in the heartland, where storms are moving through Kansas, Iowa and northern IL.

Storm surges from 3 to 5 feet are expected from Shell Beach to the Mississippi-Alabama border, and from 2 to 4 feet from Navarre, Fla., to the Mississippi-Alabama border, and from Shell Beach to the mouth of Mississippi River.

Based on the latest computer models released by the National Hurricane Center, Gordon is not set to make landfall near Houston, Texas, nor will the city experience much wind or rain from the event. Over the warm waters of the open Gulf some strengthening is expected.

In addition to Florence, forecasters also are watching a tropical wave located that's just emerged off the west coast of Africa.

No coastal watches or warnings are in effect through the weekend for Florence.

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