Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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New Video Shows Harvey Weinstein Touching And Propositioning Businesswoman

New Video Shows Harvey Weinstein Touching And Propositioning Businesswoman

A video of defamed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein having a hands-on encounter with a woman who later accused him of rape surfaced online Wednesday.

Seventy five women have accused Weinstein of sexual assault and he has been charged in NY for sexually assaulting three women. Also in June, the website the Blast published a still image, pulled from a recording, of a meeting between Thompson and Weinstein in which the producer was said to have groped her.

In the video, she can be heard telling Weinstein: "Data's so hot, right?"

The footage, given to by United Kingdom -based Sky News, shows a 2011 meeting in New York City in which Melissa Thompson, then 28 years old, is pitching her web video and analytics start-up to the Hollywood producer for the Weinstein Company.

"That's nice, let's keep it up", Weinstein says. "Give it to me", he says in the video.

The frankly disturbing footage, shows Weinstein acting incredibly inappropriate, propositioning the woman, and caressing her.

"A little bit", she tells him in the video.

The meeting goes on like that from there.

"If I would try to fight myself away from him, he would then move around to a place where he could block me in", Thompson said.

Instead, the video shows Weinstein entering the room and saying, "Don't interrupt", to staff twice before locking the door behind him. She agrees, and told Sky that it felt safer than being alone in his office. "Let me have a little part of you".

Throughout the meeting, Weinstein continually makes suggestive comments toward Thompson.

The women suing Weinstein - Caitlin Dulany, Larissa Gomes and Melissa Thompson - filed the lawsuit on behalf of "hundreds of other females like them" who were subject to "unwanted sexual conduct" from Weinstein "that took many forms: flashing, groping, fondling, harassing, battering, false imprisonment, sexual assault, attempted rape, and/or completed rape".

Instead, she alleges, he lured her to his hotel room, where he raped her.

Weinstein's lawyer says the full video "demonstrates that there is nothing forceful" and shows "casual, if not awkward, flirting from both parties". "He corned me, over and over again". When she arrived, Weinstein asked her to follow him to what she thought was a conference room. "I thought I could handle it, I had never met anyone that I couldn't handle... until Harvey Weinstein".

"Anything short of that is meant to make Mr Weinstein appear inappropriate and even exploitative", lawyer Ben Brafman said.

Thompson's rape allegation is part of a class action lawsuit against the former Hollywood producer, whose career was toppled by a series of rape, sexual assault and harassment allegations past year. "This is a further attempt to publicly disgrace Mr. Weinstein for financial gain, and we will not stand for it. Facts do matter".

"Any suggestion of sexual misconduct is false".

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