Published: Mon, October 01, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

All Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 Map Changes

All Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 Map Changes

Halloween is right around the corner, and Fortnite is welcoming in the spooky season with their new season.

Fortnite Battle Royale crashes have started to crop up on Xbox One, as players complain of not being able to get online. If you consume a Shadow Stone, you take on a Shadow Form, according to patch notes posted by Epic. At first glance, it does look like the base skin is mounting the llama, but on closer inspection it's actually more like a Halloween costume. You can't use your weapon when you're invisible, but you can use your primary fire button to phase through objects. On the downside of things, we don't know what type of skills the dog will have or if the pet will be available only for cosmetic purposes. You'll also notice that the island inside Loot Lake has lifted off the ground, so that's sweet.

Not only is this a nice addition to those looking to collect everything going, but also, they often lead to extra Battle Stars to help you progress through your Battle Pass. The surrounding area is still a lake, but it has been fractured into multiple levels with some areas of shallow water that make it easier to run across. Harvest season is now upon us and the corn stalks around Fatal Fields are now fully grown, providing a nice hiding place to surprise enemies. So as this time, they have managed to shimmer all the audience and turn their attention towards Season 6.

So, about those runes on the map. It just has a floating island on top of it now. Pets are passive creatures that hang out on your back and accompany you on your quest for as many wins as possible. If you're stood still, you're hardly noticeable at all.

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