Published: Sun, October 07, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Joe Manchin, a Democrat, to Vote Yes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Joe Manchin, a Democrat, to Vote Yes to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh

The two-vote margin made it the closest confirmation vote since 1881.

The chamber voted 51-49 to move forward with President Donald Trump's nominee. Chuck Schumer. McConnel scheduled a vote on Kavanaugh's nomination Friday. Kavanaugh forcefully and tearfully denied the accusations in a fiery opening statement and was openly hostile toward Democrats as they questioned him about the alleged assault and his drinking habits.

The Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, ending a contentious confirmation process.

The announcements by Republican Susan Collins of ME and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia came after weeks of shocking accusations, hardball politics and rowdy Capitol protests.

In reference to protesters who came out to show opposition to the decision, Trump poked fun by suggesting the number of people didn't compare to his supporters at rallies.

Critics have objected to Kavanaugh over his sexual assault allegations, as well as his record and statements that have been widely regarded as partisan.

The investigation took place after Flake requested it following testimony from Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. It also cited an anonymous Democratic senator and an aide, both of whom agreed.

Collins also noted that Kavanaugh "received rave reviews" for his performance and judicial temperament as a judge in Washington D.C.

"We will be ill-served in the long run if we abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be", she said.

Outside, demonstrators staged protests in front of the Supreme Court.

Protesters disrupted the vote several times, shouting at senators before being escorted away as Vice President Mike Pence, who would cast a "yes" vote if tied, presided.

The Senate is expected take an initial vote on Friday morning. It is an anticlimactic finale to a battle that riveted the nation for almost a month.

"There have been out there very hard decisions but this was a tough one", Collins said. Manchin, the only Democrat supporting the nominee, faces a competitive re-election race next month in a state Trump carried in 2016 by 42 percentage points.

Kavanaugh's confirmation seemed all but sure on Friday when key Republicans and one Democrats, who had been undecided on the nomination, said they would support the judge.

The upper house is split 51-49 in favour of the Republicans and the vote was largely along party lines.

West Virginia's Joe Manchin is also planning to vote yes on Kavanaugh-the only Democrat to do so.

Three female GOP senators - Jodi Ernst of Iowa, West Virginia's Shelley Moore Capito and Cindy Hyde-Smith of MS, sat directly behind Collins as she spoke.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there could not be a more qualified candidate and said the vote will "end this brief, dark chapter in the Senate's history and turn the page to a brighter tomorrow". A few Democrats sat stone-faced nearby. "And when I looked at the lack of any corroborating evidence, including no evidence from her very best friend who was present at the party, I could not conclude that Brett Kavanaugh was her assailant".

"If you appear before congress and lie, you're out, and I really wish the senators felt that way", she said.

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as 114th Supreme Court justice Saturday, hours after the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm him.

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