Published: Thu, October 18, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

Adobe will release full-fat Photoshop CC for iPad in 2019

Adobe will release full-fat Photoshop CC for iPad in 2019

We made the most exciting announcement of my career at Adobe so far - we are expanding Photoshop CC, real Photoshop CC, across devices to enable you to be creative anywhere. The up and coming discharge utilizes indistinguishable code from the desktop variant to give a significant part of a similar list of capabilities, just with an interface enhanced for finger and pen contribution rather than a mouse.

Naturally, Photoshop CC for iPad will also let users' transition projects started on the iPad to be transitioned seamlessly to the desktop and vice versa.

Earlier this year, Adobe's chief product officer for Creative Cloud, Scott Belsky, hinted at the development of full Photoshop for iPad.

The new app will feel familiar said Adobe but will support natural touch gestures.

The individuals who demand PC-level Photoshop, in the interim, have needed to utilize Windows tablets like the Surface Pro. As demonstrated, you can use lots of different brushes that appear to lay down real paint.

You'll have your choice of where you'll sync your Photoshop CC PSD files - including iCloud Drive and Dropbox - but the best experience will likely come from Adobe itself.

Project Gemini, on the other hand, is a new app designed for digital drawing and painting.

"Recently, two Photoshop engineers proposed this insane idea to try and run Photoshop on the iPad using the real Photoshop code", Pam Clark wrote for the Adobe blog. It looks like a great way to use Photoshop. A simplified editing workflow, motion graphics templates, AI-powered audio auto-ducking, and more are available here.

Adobe Inc (NASDAQ:ADBE) has launched a new app that it hopes will help the company make even more headway in the booming video content industry. The iPad version of the editing program reportedly doesn't compromise on performance or results, and the mobile version can be worked on across multiple devices. Premiere Rush CC is available today on desktop and iOS, with Android support coming later in 2019. Thus, any PSD file created on say the iPad Pro can easily be accessed on any other compatible device such as the Mac and so on.

Adobe is also hyped about augmented reality, so they're rolling out Project Aero, a way for creators to bring their AR ideas to life.

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