Published: Fri, October 26, 2018
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Suspicious packages sent to former Vice President Biden, Robert De Niro

Suspicious packages sent to former Vice President Biden, Robert De Niro

Federal Bureau of Investigation and local authorities are responding to two scenes at Delaware post offices, which Delaware State Police said were in Wilmington and New Castle.

Authorities found suspicious packages addressed to former vice president Joe Biden and the actor Robert De Niro, officials said Thursday, setting off a new wave of alarm amid a sprawling investigation into pipe bombs mailed to prominent political figures and critics of President Donald Trump.

De Niro also is a vocal critic of Trump.

The FBI has since confirmed that the two packages addressed to Maxine Waters had a similar appearance to the five other packages that were intercepted on the East Coast between October 22 and October 24.

The package found at CNN was addressed to John Brennan, a fierce critic of Trump and a former director of intelligence under Obama. Officials removed the device from the scene.

Tribeca Enterprises co-founder Jane Rosenthal said Thursday that the building was evacuated after the package was found, but that it has been re-opened.

FBI investigators are working around the clock to identify the source of the suspicious packages, and say it is extremely helpful that none of the devices detonated, which will help them trace the source.

None of the seven bombs detonated, and nobody was hurt as authorities in New York, Washington, D.C., Florida and California seized the suspicious packages.

The package has markings similar to the pipe bomb packages recently mailed nationwide to top Democrats, the sources said.

"We will find those responsible and we will bring them to justice, hopefully very quickly", Trump said.

The motive is unknown, but the recipients are all prominent targets of right-wing criticism and, in many cases, of President Donald Trump himself.

The Associated Press, citing a source, reported that a second package addressed to Joe Biden was found at a DE postal facility. There is no information to suggest she sent the packages.

Two have been sent to Biden, both intercepted at DE facilities.

Hillary Clinton: The package was addressed to her residence in Chappaqua, New York, and was intercepted Tuesday night by the Secret Service during routine mail inspection.

Like most of the other packages, the return address was that of Democratic US Rep. It matches the description of those sent to the other officials.

An explosive device was found at CNN's NY officers at the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle on October 24, 2018. The former Central Intelligence Agency director frequently appears on CNN.

Two new mail bombs were discovered on Thursday with similar characteristics to the bombs discovered a day earlier, this time intended for former Vice President Joe Biden and actor Robert De Niro.

The package was apparently not delivered to Biden's home and may have been on its way to being returned to the person listed on the return address of the envelope, the official said. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's office in Sunrise have been removed by law enforcement. "Today, my staff and I will hug each other and our loved ones tightly, and tomorrow we will get back to work serving the people I was elected to represent". MSNBC reported a second suspicious package was also discovered.

On Wednesday, a suspicious device found at the Time Warner Center and CNN's NY headquarters was addressed to Brennan, prompting an evacuation of the building.

An initial examination shows they are are rudimentary but functional, and have similar construction.

Those packages contained pipe bombs packed with shards of glass. The bombs were unstable and could have been set off just by handling, sources said. The bombs were all shipped in the same envelope with the same stamps and same labels.

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