Published: Tue, October 30, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

America mourns 11 victims of gunman who 'wanted Jews to die'

America mourns 11 victims of gunman who 'wanted Jews to die'

People listen to interfaith speakers at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall during a service to honor and mourn the victims of Saturday's mass shooting at the Tree Of Life Synagogue on October 28, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

"I'm in shock. I can't believe that happened", said Terry Choate, a retired government contractor who told the Post-Gazette he knew Bowers for almost the suspect's entire life. Jewish journalists have reported facing relentless attacks on social media.

Illustrative: A broken window is seen at the center of the Jewish community center, after a suspected anti-Semitic attack in Rostock, northern Germany, January 8, 2009.

Four police officers or SWAT team members were injured, one critically. "Through [The US Refugee Admissions Program] we resettle whoever the State Department is bringing in as refugees, which is a very wide range of people without regard to race, religion, nationality or anything else", says Swersey.

The rabbi also said he's not sure if the shooter can be forgiven, as the "wounds are too open to answer that". He is due to appear in court on Monday to face 29 charges - including 11 of counts of murder, which police are treating as a hate crime.

Saturday morning, a gunman opened fire during a baby-naming ceremony inside Tree of Life Synagogue, killing 11 and injuring six people. Together, they looked out for one another.

The synagogue was especially crowded on Saturday, a holy day in Judaism, with three different congregations holding service.

How does HIAS factor into Pittsburgh's synagogue shooting? "The remaining seven people were slaughtered in my sanctuary". This white American terrorist gets increasingly agitated by it all, freaked out that more people of color (or even Muslims!) might be coming to our border to legally apply to asylum, and decides it's time to take out one of the groups associated with HIAS, who is helping refugees.

Trump said Saturday that he would travel to Pittsburgh to express his condolences.

"You know, you're always anxious that something would happen", said Myron Snider, head of the cemetery committee for New Light Congregation, which meets at Tree of Life.

Isser said, "I feel like the right-wing has been using calls of anti-Semitism really cynically for a long time around people like me who support the BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel] movement, and now when there's actual anti-Semitism happening, they're silent".

"This is one of the most lovely gifts that the Lord makes to the Catholic Church, that is, to gather voices and faces from the most varied realities and thus be able to attempt an interpretation that takes into account the richness and complexity of the phenomena, always in the light of the Gospel", he said.

"It felt like an eternity", Myers said of waiting for help to arrive.

We can not separate those White House claims from the gunman's social-media rage aimed at the historically Jewish refugee support organization HIAS, which plays a vital role in defending asylum seekers, saying just a few hours before his shooting rampage, "HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people". "I'm so grateful for his presence in teaching me".

"Heartbroken", said Aylia Paulding, 37, her voice breaking as she summed up the mood.

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