Published: Wed, October 31, 2018
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Nicki Minaj wants to end Cardi B feud

Nicki Minaj wants to end Cardi B feud

The online feud escalated after Nicki offered $100,000 for CCTV footage showing her "beating Cardi's ass bad".

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B's rap feud added another chapter to its never ending saga as the two women squared off online over their New York Fashion week scuffle.

See, apparently someone has been sending Cardi B some disturbing death threats, which led Cardi's sister Hennessy to blame Nicki for leaking the "I Like It" rapper's phone number to her fans. "I know this stuff is entertaining & amusing to a lot of people but I won't be discussing this nonsense anymore", she wrote. The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker clapped back in a series of Instagram videos, claiming that she turned down multiple deals that were offered to Minaj, including offers to work with Diesel and Little Mix. "Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing!"

'I'm not doing it - I'm in a good space right now - let me know what's up'.

"You can't lie on me, leaking numbers".

Minaj said the altercation was "something so mortifying and so humiliating to go through in front of a bunch upper-echelon people who have their life together", and on Twitter described Cardi B as a "fraud" who doesn't write her own lyrics - an accusation that Cardi B has not responded to.

"But that came to me first", she went on to rant. "There is no way I can lie about this because there is surveillance footage from the building where the assault took place", she said. Keeping his streak going, the rapper recently dropped a new music video for "Dip (Remix)", featuring his Young Money family member Nicki Minaj.

Nicki has now claimed her friend, former Love & Hip Hop star Rah Ali, was responsible for attacking Cardi during the incident.

Cardi said that Nicki should "stop focusing on other people" and work on herself and her material, as she's 'out here f***ing up [her] legacy, looking like a f***ing hater'. You looked me dead in my face and said you told ya man not to do the "no flags" video cuz I was dissing you. 'We can talk about it or we can fight it out.

Later, she added, "I think we can agree to have disagreed on a few things".

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