Published: Thu, November 01, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Diners eat while restaurant floods in Venice, Italy

Diners eat while restaurant floods in Venice, Italy

Venice city officials say 70 per cent of the lagoon city has been flooded by waters rising 149 centimetres (more than 58 1/2 inches) above sea level.

Two people were killed when a tree hit their vehicle near the town of Frosinone, south of Rome.

A total of twelve people have died, and dozens remain injured as firefighters continue to carry out rescue missions to save stranded victims. In Savona, an elderly woman died after a tornado lashed the northwestern province.

Venice has been inundated by an exceptionally high tide, putting 75% of the lagoon city under water as large swathes of Italy experienced flooding and heavy winds that killed six people.

The extreme weather, which began on Sunday, has caused widespread disruption throughout the country.

Rail and motorway traffic near the Brenner pass, which links Italy to Austria, was temporarily suspended both on Sunday and Monday, and parts of the Milan-Bologna motorway were flooded.

Strong winds and heavy rain pummeling Italy has left three-quarters of Venice submerged in floodwater, officials said Monday.

Almost all of northern Italy was on alert due to the violent storms with wind gusts up to 100 kilometres per hour and the rainfall in some places equivalent to the amount of rain that falls over several months.

Residents and visitors were wading through waist-high water in St Mark's Square before the mayor gave orders to evacuate the area.

Raised wooden walkways have been installed to try to keep the city open, but the forecast for the next few days is more bad weather.

Venice has experience near-record flooding levels, after the ferocious storm brought in flash flooding to the city, killing five people.

In 1966, when floods swept through the country, famously devastating Florence's historic center, the waters reached 194 centimeters in Venice.

Schools were closed in Genoa, Rome and Veneto, as well as in several northern towns and the Sicilian port of Messina.

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