Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
Money | By Wilma Wheeler

Spotify to launch standalone app for Apple Watch, beta version being tested

Spotify to launch standalone app for Apple Watch, beta version being tested

With Spotify Premium for Family, up to five people who reside at the same address can have their own Spotify Premium account with individual playlists, saved music and the ability to listen at the same time or separately.

Total Q3 revenue was €1,352 million ($1.54 billion), up 31% year-over-year. Over the life of a paid subscription, this more than makes up for the one-time expense of a relatively low-cost piece of hardware.

While Spotify's third-quarter results were largely in-line with estimates, Buckingham Research Group analyst Matthew Harrigan said he's "looking for new growth initiatives".

Previously, Spotify had no official application for the Apple Watch, leaving its more than 190 million users with little choice but to pull their phone out if they wanted to skip a track.

We've asked Spotify if it can detail its plans for the app and will let you know if there's more to share.

Spotify is in fierce competition with its rivals offering both subscription-based and ad-supported music services.

Google Play Music and YouTube Music are not a real threat (yet) for Spotify. This gave Apple Music, with over 50 million users, a strong hold on Apple Watch owners.

Spotify is giving some of its members an early holiday gift: The company is gifting subscribers to its $14.99 family plan a free Google Home Mini speaker, it announced Wednesday morning.

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