Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
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Turkey: Highest level of Saudi govt ordered writer’s slaying

Turkey: Highest level of Saudi govt ordered writer’s slaying

A delegation of conservative evangelical Christian leaders from the United States met Thursday (Nov. 1) with Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who is under fire after the death of a journalist in his country's consulate in Istanbul.

Turkey has demanded that Saudi authorities tell them where the body is.

The crown prince, who has denied any involvement in Khashoggi's disappearance, reportedly described the journalist as a unsafe Islamist shortly after he vanished in a phone call with White House adviser Jared Kushner and national security adviser John Bolton. "As a result of our efforts, the world has learned that Khashoggi was killed in cold blood by a death squad, and it has been established that his murder was premeditated", Erdogan wrote in The Post.

Khashoggi's family rejected the characterization in a statement to the newspaper. Here, a protester holds a placard showing solidarity for Khashoggi during a demonstration outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London last week.

"If democracy was well functioning and fear was not dominating, Turkey would stand up [protest]", he said.

Saudi Arabia had initially denied all accusations and insisted that Khashoggi left the consulate shortly after he arrived.

We therefore respectfully call on you to immediately authorize an independent, global investigation into the murder of Jamal Khashoggi that would lay the groundwork for identifying and holding accountable the perpetrators of this grievous crime. Saudi Arabia since then announced a full investigation into the killing.

She urged Trump to support Turkey's request for Saudi Arabia to extradite those detained in the kingdom over Khashoggi's murder.

Forensics experts have questioned the theory, as they say disposing of a body using acid can take months. And later it admitted he had been killed in a premediated murder.

Turkey's chief prosecutor said this week that Khashoggi was strangled as soon as he entered the consulate and also confirmed the body was dismembered.

Saudi Arabia has faced backlash over the death, including from its allies, who have called for answers.

Pompeo, in an interview with KMOX radio in St. Louis, said President Donald Trump had made it clear Washington would respond to the killing.

A political opponent of Erdogan's said Friday the killers who ambushed Khashoggi were allowed to leave the country after a phone call from Saudi King Salman to Erdogan.

Saudi Arabia's consulate is pictured from a skyscraper in Istanbul's Levent district, Turkey.

Khashoggi, 59, was the most powerful journalist in Saudi Arabia at one point of time and was very close to the ruling family. "Precisely for these reasons, we thought it was wise to accept the invitation we received from the Kingdom, issued more than two months ago, to come as evangelicals to engage in a dialogue".

Earlier, the U.S. called for a swift cessation of hostilities in Yemen, where a Saudi-led coalition has been fighting local Houthi rebels.

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