Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
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Vote For the Dead Brothel Owner. It's Important!

Vote For the Dead Brothel Owner. It's Important!

Freaky though it may seem, Dennis Hof - who, as it happens, is also the owner of one of Nevada's most famous brothels - still won enough votes to be elected to the state legislature despite having been found dead on October 16.

Hof beat his opponent Democrat Lesia Romanov and took Nevada's 36th Assembly District posthumously.

Nevada's 36th Assembly District sits in the southern portion of the state, and includes portions of Nye, Lincoln and of Clark counties. Officials have still not determined a cause of death, although foul play is not suspected.

The Love Ranch brothel that Hof owned became notorious as the place where former Laker Lamar Odom was found unconscious in 2015.

"They will feel much more comfortable casting the ballot for him knowing there will be another Republican to replace him", he added. He denied the claims.

Hof was found dead at his Love Ranch brothel about an hour outside Las Vegas. He had spent the four previous days partying with notables from the adult film industry and political world, like Jeremy and Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff who was convicted of criminal contempt of court but pardoned by Trump.

Hof died last month, soon after celebrating his 72nd birthday by having sex with one of his prostitute employees. "People will set aside for a moment their moral beliefs, their religious beliefs, to get somebody that is honest in office".

Initial estimates suggested the deceased Hof won almost 70% of the vote.

Hof ran for office in 2016 as a Libertarian but lost, and this year he ran as a Republican and earned backing from Trump associate Roger Stone and anti-tax-increase advocate Grover Norquist.

The thrice-divorced author of "The Art of the Pimp", who appeared on HBO's "Cathouse", owned a strip club and five legal brothels in Nevada, the only USA state with legalized prostitution.

Campaign signs for Dennis Hof are shown along a road in Pahrump, Nevada, U.S. June 15, 2018.

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