Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
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Justice Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing ribs in fall

Justice Ginsburg hospitalized after fracturing ribs in fall

Ginsburg has broken ribs before and continued to work despite considerable pain. She has beaten pancreatic and colon cancer, the two deadliest forms of the disease.

"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg fell in her office at the Court last evening".

The injury means she will not be present for Justice Brett Kavanaugh's investiture after he survived sexual assault claims.

Given her age, some Democrats have expressed concerns about Ginsburg's health. She also battled cancer twice and got a stent in 2014 to open a blocked artery. Over the summer, she admitted that she planned to serve on the Supreme Court for at least five more years.

Ginsburg, 85, is the oldest justice serving in the court. She has said that she will stay for as long as she is healthy and mentally sharp. President Trump and new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker were expected to attend.

Leading this project, she successfully argued six landmark cases before the Supreme Court.

This was the third consecutive year in which Ms Ginsburg has authored the first opinion of the session - with Chief Justice John Roberts having previously lauded Ms Ginsburg's speedy delivery of opinions.

In the early Obama years, progressive activists were hoping she would announce her retirement so that the former President could replace her with an equally liberal judge.

Rib fractures are common among older adults, particularly after falls.

Ginsburg joined the court in 1993. The feature film is about a landmark Supreme Court case in which Ms Ginsburg argued for fathers' rights and against gender discrimination.

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