Published: Sun, November 11, 2018
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BTS's Appearance On Japanese Show "Music Station" Postponed

BTS's Appearance On Japanese Show

BTS apologised in a statement to its Japanese fans for not being able to make the appearance, without elaborating. A generation of Koreans suffered under Japanese occupation, while hundreds of thousands of Japanese died when the USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leading to Japan's surrender.

The owner apologized to BTS for having caused offense with the product.

It also carries images of what appears to be a mushroom cloud created by an exploding atomic bomb, and of Koreans celebrating their liberation from Japanese rule in August 1945, the month the U.S. carried out nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

"We have seen news that a T-shirt worn by one of the members has set off a furore".

BTS, a seven-member Korean pop group, was originally scheduled to perform on TV Asahi's Music Station show on 9 November.

The shirt is still available for purchase online.

During the Second World War in 1945, two atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - the first and only time atomic bombs were used in a war.

Ties between Japan and South Korea continue to be soured by bitter disputes over history and territory stemming from Japan's brutal 1910-45 colonial rule over the peninsula.

Defenders of BTS and Jimin claimed that the shirt wasn't disrespectful to the Japanese people, and was simply a celebration of the defeat of the Japanese empire and the resulting independence of Korea. When images of Jimin in the shirt went viral earlier this month, #Unforgiveable and #AtomicBomb began to trend on social media.

"I'm from Hiroshima. I can't accept BTS appearing on Music Station", said Twitter user ayum_mi.

However, Tokyo maintains the issue of compensation has been settled under an agreement attached to a treaty that was signed in 1965, calling the ruling "unbelievable".

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