Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
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Bride wears wedding gown after fiance dies in crash

Bride wears wedding gown after fiance dies in crash

An Indonesian woman, whose finance died in the Lion Air crash on 29 October last month has take her wedding photo alone to fulfill the victim's last wish.

Intan Syari wore the wedding gown and ring she picked out her her big day.

Alongside another photo of her and Dr Pratama's sister, she wrote: "Although you are not beside me, your sister was with me to fulfil your most attractive last wish".

"Even though I feel grief that I can not describe, I still have to smile for you", the young woman wrote on Instagram. "I should not be sad, I have to stay strong as you always say to me, I love you, Rio Nanda Pratama".

On her Instagram page, Ms Syari wrote that she had known Mr Pratama, who was a doctor, since middle school when they were 13 years old, and described him as her "first love".

The pictures have gone viral online, receiving a flood of condolence messages from all around the world.

Lion Air Flight JT610 crashed 13 minutes after take-off from Jakarta, and all 189 people on board were lost.

The crash happened less than two weeks before the couple planned to marry.

She said that before he'd left for the flight, Mr Pratama had joked that should he not return in time she should take the pictures and send them to him.

Dennis Tajer, a 737 captain and spokesman for Allied Pilots Association (APA), which represents American Airlines Group Inc pilots, said his union was informed after the crash about a new system Boeing had installed on 737 MAX jets that could command the plane's nose down in certain situations to prevent a stall.

She said Ms Syari had been very strong and had kept her tears in.

Untukmu kekasihku Rio Nanda Pratama, terimakasih telah memberikanku seorang adik perempuan yang begitu hebat, tegar, pintar, penyayang dan baik hatinya, sama sepertimu. They were mates then friends, then close friends, and finally lovers who had a dream about getting married.

However, as training and documentation regarding this facility were excluded from the inductions to the new aircraft, the pilots of the Lion Air flight would not have stood a chance.

While the investigation into the Lion Air crash is far from complete, investigators believe that an erroneous sensor prompted a computerized safety system to aggressively push the jet into a dive, according to Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee.

A pilot who asked to remain anonymous said manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus recommend only a few days of training for updated aircraft models such as the 737-MAX. The lack of warning is suspected of playing a role in the Lion Air crash, when the plane plunged into the Jakarta Sea shortly after takeoff.

Safety experts involved in the investigation said USA aviation officials and airline pilots hadn't been told the new system had been added to the 737 MAX aircraft.

Investigators are still searching for the cockpit recorder from the flight, which they hope will help them understand what caused the plane to crash.

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