Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
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Senate leaders preserve posts; McCarthy will get high Home GOP place

Senate leaders preserve posts; McCarthy will get high Home GOP place

Dick Durbin of IL to continue in their positions for another term.

He won a new term by acclamation Wednesday.

President Donald Trump did not commit Thursday to avoiding a partial government shutdown next month if lawmakers don't give him money to build a border wall, a top Republican senator said, raising the potential for a high-stakes budget battle as the GOP prepares to lose its grip on Congress. John Cornyn of Texas, who was term-limited under conference rules.

For Republicans, South Dakota Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming and Sen.

But Rep. Gary J. Palmer of Alabama, who was elected chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, said Republicans will serve in their role as the opposition.

Republicans are poised to elect their first woman to leadership in nearly a decade.

Sen. Ben Sasse cast his vote in support of Fischer, his Nebraska colleague. Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina was elected Republican Conference Vice Chair and Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri became Republican Conference Secretary.

Minnesota Governor-elect Tim Walz celebrates during the election night event by the Democratic Party, Nov. 6, 2018, in St. Paul, Minn. Yet there he was at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's left shoulder when the Kentucky Republican welcomed GOP senators who will take their seats in January when the new Congress is sworn in. Bill Nelson, and a recount is ongoing.

It wasn't clear if Scott would appear for the photo eight days after Election Day. The California Democrat says, "Come on in". "Porter's campaign ― focused on unifying Californians and checking President Trump ― was pitch flawless for riding this national wave all the way from a Republican district in California to the seat of power in Washington".

Democrats are somewhat hopeful after winning back control of the House of Representatives and shoring up the vote in key Upper Midwest states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But rarely has a leader of a party that suffered a major defeat - Democrats wiped out Republicans in GOP-held suburban districts from NY to McCarthy's own backyard - been so handily rewarded.

California Republicans just lost their last major hope of holding onto some control in the ever-deepening blue state.

Jordan told Fox's "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday that if he is elected to the leadership job, he will work on "doing what we told the American people we were gonna do".

Through their victory in the House, the Democrats now have effective veto power over the Trump administration's legislative initiatives. But since his election, he has changed course, saying instead the money must come from Congress and United States taxpayers.

Trump, who is close to McCarthy but also friendly with Jordan, largely stayed on the sidelines in the intraparty House contest.

The Californian represented defeated Rep. Jim Jordan of OH 159-43.

"There's overwhelming support for leader Pelosi to be speaker of the House", Rep.

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