Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
Health Care | By Belinda Paul

Citing E. coli outbreak, US officials say don't eat romaine

Citing E. coli outbreak, US officials say don't eat romaine

The outbreak began in the United States, where 32 people have been infected by E. coli.

The CDC is warning consumers to not eat romaine lettuce as it investigates an E. coli outbreak. Seven cases were reported in New Jersey - the third-most in the nation.

"A traceback investigation" is underway to find the source of the romaine lettuce consumed by people who became ill", the agency said.

The FDA clarified that this strain of E. coli is unrelated to the strain from the outbreak earlier this year.

The agency says that if the contaminated food products are identified in Canada, they will take the necessary steps to protect the public, including recalling the product.

All types and brands of romaine lettuce are suspect because no common grower, supplier, distributor or source company has been identified by the CDC.

Of those cases, 13 people have been hospitalized, including one person who experienced a type of kidney failure. Health Canada believes illnesses reported in this outbreak are genetically related to illnesses reported in a previous E. coli outbreak from December 2017 that also affected consumers in both Canada and U.S.

The alert covers all forms of romaine lettuce, including whole heads, hearts, bags and boxes of precut romaine, and salad mixes containing romaine.

Wash and sanitize drawers or shelves in refrigerators where romaine was stored. Toss it. In fact, the alert includes advice on how to clean your refrigerator if romaine has been inside it recently.

Children under the age of 5 years, adults older than 65, and people with weakened immune systems are more likely than others to develop severe illness.

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