Published: Wed, November 21, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

Here's why Instagram is removing certain followers

Here's why Instagram is removing certain followers

With people becoming increasingly willing to use services that allow them to get fake likes, followers, and comments, Instagram is finally taking action. Instagram, for its part, says it will be ramping up its efforts along these lines even more so than what it included in the announcement today. "It is our responsibility to ensure these experiences aren't disrupted by inauthentic activity", the blog post read.

[Photo via] Instagram also notes that they're aware some people may have unknowingly shared their login credentials with these apps.

The platform has already started removing activity via machine learning tools that help to identify the targeted accounts.

Instagram is also asking users who have used boosting and botting services to change their password in order to resecure their accounts - 3rd party services you've used in the past could be quietly using your account maliciously. But it said they function by first convincing users to give up their username and password to their accounts.

Instagram is using new algorithms that will help identify these accounts and remove the inauthentic activity including likes, follows, and comments that were artificially done using these apps.

"Ads are also subject to our Community Standards, which prohibit spammy activity like collecting likes, followers, etc. - so you are correct that ads promoting these services violate our policies". Those who knowingly continue to use this app will find their "Instagram experience impacted".

'Since the early days of Instagram, we have auto-detected and removed fake accounts to protect our community, ' Instagram added.

Influencer wannabes might be able to portray an inauthentic version of their lives, but Instagram announced that they won't be able to buy inauthentic engagement anymore.

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