Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

NYPD Finds 'Wanted' Man: Clumsy Proposer Who Lost Engagement Ring

NYPD Finds 'Wanted' Man: Clumsy Proposer Who Lost Engagement Ring

The saga began just before midnight Friday in Times Square, the NYPD said.

It wasn't a complete disaster, however, as the woman said yes before the ring fell through the grate and plummeted eight feet below their feet.

Though the couple and police on-scene eventually gave up searching, the New York Police Department was able to return. "We're making arrangements to get them their ring back".

The video shows the man dropping down to the New York City street to try and rescue the ring.

Thank you, Twitter. Case closed! A tweet about the shiny, recovered ring stuck out in a Twitter feed also featuring close-up pictures of firearms that had been seized. While his partner watches, the man drops to his stomach on the sidewalk but the ring is 3000 per cent out of his reach.

The department cleaned the ring and posted photos of it taped to a chair on social media, along with surveillance photos. Drennan said in one tweet. "There were autumn leaves everywhere and not many people".

With the help of dozens of passers-by they managed to get the grate off and search underneath for at least two hours. I can still visualise the ring.

However, shortly after they touched down in the United Kingdom, a friend contacted them to ask whether they were indeed the couple the NYPD were searching for.

"We would like to thank everyone who shared this story!"

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