Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
Global | By Craig Ferguson

PETA Gets Dogged For Tweet Demanding End To 'Anti-Animal Language'

PETA Gets Dogged For Tweet Demanding End To 'Anti-Animal Language'

So, that means they want you to stop saying "kill two birds with one stone", and instead say you're going to "feed two birds with one scone".

Peta explained that just like using racist or homophobic words, using dialogue that trivializes cruelty to animals can be just as harmful.

The tweet led to outrage online, with Hannah Else believes that changing idioms is not the solution.

Piggybacking on political correctness in an era where "social justice warriors" are widely mocked for taking their crusade into the realm of the ridiculous was probably not the best marketing decision - even PETA supporters cringed. Click through to see its suggested replacement phrases, which left plenty of Twitter users amused.

On Tuesday, PETA tweeted that people should remove "speciesism" from daily conversations.

"Say: "Take the flower by the thorns".

But judging from responses, they may be feeding a fed horse. And last but not least, the animal rights group suggests replacing "be the guinea pig" with a phrase that features an inanimate symbol of scientific experimentation: "Be the test tube".

The tweets have received a huge amount of backlash, with more than 20,000 people replying, mostly criticising the organisation.

"To the haters: with so much negativity in the world, why not lighten up and use language in a way that encourages being kind to animals?" the group wrote on Twitter today.

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