Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
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Lemon and Cuomo Get in Heated Exchange Over Trump Handshake

Lemon and Cuomo Get in Heated Exchange Over Trump Handshake

Almost 30 years later, Mulroney again spared few superlatives Wednesday during a solemn and reverential state funeral at Washington's National Cathedral, predicting that the 41st president would go down in history as the strongest, bravest and most distinguished commander-in-chief the United States has ever known.

Bush will also lie in repose at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston before a service there Thursday.

Representing Britain was Prince Charles and former British Prime Minister John Major, who was in office during Bush's presidency.

And on the eve of the state funeral, the couple met with George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush at the presidential guest residence Blair House.

Bush "was America's last great soldier statesman", presidential historian Jon Meacham told the guests. The Clintons looked directly ahead and did not acknowledge the Trumps.

Mr Bush then continued down the row, shaking hands with former president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton, and former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. What a great life he had.

One of those performers was Reba McEntire, who sang a rendition of the "The Lord's Prayer" so beautifully that it left George H.W.'s eldest son, George W. Bush, in tears.

The late president will be transported by hearse through Washington to the soaring National Cathedral, where 3,000 political leaders and family members were congregating to say goodbye. "Striking that all the former Presidents and First Ladies recited the Apostles Creed, but Trump and Melania stood silently and did not", he wrote, of Trump, who identifies as Presbyterian, a branch of Christianity.

In the awkward scene referenced by the two, Trump can be seen walking into a church aisle where the Obamas and Clintons are seated as well.

Bush was a decorated World War II aviator who almost lost his life when he was shot down on a bombing mission. "Donald Trump is the only person in the world who can bring down a funeral". Former Sen. Bob Dole, a compatriot in war, peace and political struggle, steadied himself out of his wheelchair and saluted his old friend and one-time rival. Trump also declared Wednesday a national day of mourning.

"I'm just here to pay my respects", said Jane Hernandez, a retired physician in the heavily Democratic city and suburbs.

No such statement is expected that the Bush funeral, but it's likely that he will be eulogized as a leader unique for his devotion to public service.

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