Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is in Afghanistan to fight terrorism, says chief

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is in Afghanistan to fight terrorism, says chief

Bass, US Ambassador in Afghanistan, said the US is not engaged in peace talks with the Taliban and that their only redline is that the group has to talk to the Afghan government and the Afghan people.

Khililzad's visit to Islamabad followed a request from U.S. President Donald Trump to Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking help in furthering the Afghan peace process.

Speaking at an event organized by the Washington Post, Dunford said that American military presence in Afghanistan is essential to contain terrorists who otherwise would regroup and take revenge on the US.

Some 14,000 USA soldiers are now serving in Afghanistan, and McKenzie couldn't say how much longer the United States would remain in the country.

Nevertheless, he did not discount the possibility that Afghan Taliban jihadis are freely moving across the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. He said peace in Afghanistan is in Pakistan's interest, so his government will do "everything" to help.

The renewed North Atlantic Treaty Organisation commitment came in a week when the Marine officer nominated to command USA forces in the Middle East warned that the fight there is at a stalemate and the number of Afghan troop deaths in the war is not sustainable.

As the U.S. continue to ask Pakistan to do more regarding the reported terror sanctuaries in the country, the PM asserted that "there are no sanctuaries in Pakistan" as he ruled out the presence of Taliban in the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan doesn't want Pakistan to be treated like a hired gun ever again.

More than 17 years after the United States invasion, Washington has stepped up its bid for talks with the resurgent Taliban with a flurry of recent diplomatic efforts. Then, in 1989, when the Soviets packed up and left, the USA did too. Pakistan was left with militant groups and 4 million Afghan refugees.

Speaking to the opening session of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation foreign ministers meeting on peace and war in Afghanistan in Brussels, Stoltenberg said that the alliance will continue its military and financial support to Afghanistan through to 2024 so that the country is prevented from becoming safe haven for terrorists. They said that we have time and time again asked the Americans, "Can you tell us where the sanctuaries are, and we will go after them?"

"I do believe that any solution in Afghanistan is going to require the assistance of Pakistan". He held the USA authorities and Afghan government responsible for failing to restore peace and stability across Afghanistan. "If we had stayed neutral after 9/11, I reckon we would have saved ourselves from the devastation".

"He was opposed even by some Muslims back then but today, as we see India and the deplorable condition Muslims are living there, even Quaid-e-Azam's opponents can see that the demand for Pakistan was justified", said the premier. I believe in a welfare state.

Khan, who has always been vocal about Pakistan's role in the war on terror, said his country wants "peace with all".

It is in Pakistan's long-term interest to have a government in Afghanistan that is stable, and that that they can do business with, he said. I don't think we have to get anymore statement from anybody. I have asked our government to find out the status of the case.

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