Published: Mon, December 31, 2018
Sports | By Sarah Myers

Experts have Vikings beating Bears, clinching playoff berth

Experts have Vikings beating Bears, clinching playoff berth

Before their playoff push, the Bears are wrapping up their regular season against the Vikings in Minnesota Sunday.

Don't expect the Bears to phone it in on Sunday.

Sure, the Bears didn't need to bring their A game to U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday.

"Just talking to him throughout the week, I feel pretty good with him playing most of the game", Nagy said.

If he decides to play his starters the entire game, even though the Rams are up big, then so be it.

The 11-4 Bears will face an 8-6-1 Vikings team that is still fighting for a playoff spot.

If the Vikings win, the most likely scenario would be a return trip to Soldier Field for a playoff game on January 5 or 6.

"It's not complicated", Cousins said. "It doesn't matter that we have a new head coach and a new offense, we also want immediate results so we are out there working hard and wanting to continue winning games".

"We understand what's at stake".

"Anytime you throw a lot of completions in this game, you give yourself a chance to win because you stay ahead of the sticks and you don't get into third-and-long situations", Nagy said. The Vikings turned the ball over three times and trailed 22-6 before recovering in the fourth quarter in a 25-20 loss. He's limited his mistakes over the last three games, but a strong defense can only carry him so far. That means Philadelphia can only find their way into the No.3 vs. No.6 seed matchup. For that to occur, the Vikings, Eagles and Rams all would have to lose Sunday.

"It is going to be a heightened sense of urgency".

In the AFC, we know the Chiefs, Chargers, Patriots and Texans are all in.

Typical/Vintage Zimmer. While he says he doesn't care, rest assured that this is the flawless bulletin board material that he will use to hype up a team that you'd assume was already dialed to 11 in terms of hype for Sunday's match-up. They are a game behind the No.2 seed Los Angeles Rams.

The Vikings went 92 yards on 12 plays - helped by a Khalil Mack roughing the passer call and a Prince Amukamara pass interference flag, both of which came on incompletions.

Cousins also threw two interceptions against the Bears, whose 27 interceptions lead the National Football League by a wide margin. If the Rams are blowing out the 49ers and the second seed is out of reach, Nagy said he could chose to rest some key starters. "But we've just got to see if that's where we're at, and if it is a pitch count".

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