Published: Sun, January 06, 2019
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Brexit critics risk damaging UK democracy: Theresa May

Brexit critics risk damaging UK democracy: Theresa May

The BBC presenter also made a gaffe that did not go unnoticed on social media - asking the Prime Minister if she had watched "I, Daniel Craig" - before quickly correcting himself.

Asked how they would vote if another referendum were held to choose between May's deal or leaving without a deal, just 29% said they would pick May's agreement, compared to 64% who would opt for no deal. "I would say don't let the search for the ideal become the enemy of the good because the danger there is that we end up with no Brexit at all".

"If Parliament rejects the Prime Minister's bad deal the only sensible course of action is to withdraw Article 50 immediately", he said.

The vote has been rescheduled for the week starting January 14 after a debate which is scheduled to begin in the coming week. "I want to see this deal go through". Mrs May said it would be "that sort of time".

However, she refused four times to rule out bringing her deal back to be voted on repeatedly if it is rejected by MPs.

The poll has also indicated that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party would lose another eight points from 34 percent to 26 percent - "if its MPs join with the Tories to support the prime minister's Brexit deal".

Barry Gardiner, the shadow worldwide trade secretary, said Labour could campaign on a promise to negotiate a better Brexit deal than that secured by Theresa May, and said he personally believed that any such deal could then be put to the public.

"It is a question of profound significance for our democracy and for our constituents".

Yes, it does. Does it protect our jobs and security?

May also did not directly respond, when asked, if she was leading the country toward a no-deal Brexit.

"You have two alternatives - you can have no deal or you can have a deal", insisted the PM, "and actually the deal on the table is the deal people will be voting on".

Instead, he called for Brexit to be postponed until a way forward can be found.

MPs will resume debate on the Brexit deal on Wednesday ahead of a vote the following week.

The Sunday Telegraph said May's aides were believed to be drawing up a plan to make approval of the deal by members of parliament conditional on the European Union providing further concessions.

Both the Labour and Conservative parties" 2017 General Election manifestos ran on pledges to respect the referendum vote and leave the European Union; while Mrs May has been pushing MPs to accept her Withdrawal Agreement, a "no deal' Brexit - the default legal position if the lower house votes down May's agreement - is fulfilling the referendum result as Tory MP Peter Bone told Sky News's Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

The backstop is effectively an insurance arrangement required by the EU and would see the United Kingdom enter into a temporary customs union with the EU if a future trade deal was not agreed during the transition period which will run until 2020.

At an election, Labour "would set out what we would seek to negotiate in Europe to try and deliver", he told presenter Sophy Ridge.

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