Published: Sun, January 06, 2019
Global | By Craig Ferguson

Trump mocks Indian PM for library in Afghanistan

Trump mocks Indian PM for library in Afghanistan

"The moral, social and political costs of the war were substantial and contributed to the crisis of the Soviet Union, but it wasn't a decisive financial burden", said Eric Lohr, another expert at American University. "Library! That's like five hours of what we spend (in Afghanistan)", he said. He said the invasion targeted terrorists who were flowing into the Soviet Union.

The statement comes amid reports on a possible withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

His understanding of Soviet motivations towards Afghanistan (the invasion wasn't about terrorism) as well as the effects of that invasion on the USSR are simplistic, and not even really correct. "They were right to be there", he said.

Such was the case today when everyone seized upon Trump saying that Russian Federation was right to invade Afghanistan in 1979 because terrorists were coming over the border. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter announced that the US would boycott the Olympics that year taking place in Moscow in response to the Soviet presence in Afghanistan.

At the height of the Cold War, the USA government under Reagan placed support for the mujahideen fighters at the centre of U.S. foreign policy.

It said: "This partnership is built on the specific needs and requirements worked out with the government of Afghanistan".

Wondering why anyone would build a library in Afghanistan, and whether there is anyone to use one, is exactly the sort of thing one expects from a leader who can only think in terms of military or commercial victories. The U.S. supported the anti-communists rebels against the Soviets. "Pakistan is there, they should fight". The Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, the same year that the Berlin Wall fell.

The United States of America started the military operation against the Islamic State in Iraq in June 2014, and in Syria in September 2014. It would also be interesting to recall an article by renowned journalist Shekhar Gupta, wherein he reveals how the then Prime Minister of India Narasimha Rao was so well-conversant with the intricacies and challenges of domestic affairs of Afghanistan.

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board on Friday hammered President Donald Trump for completely botching the history of the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan. The reason Russian Federation was in, in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russian Federation. "They went into being called Russian Federation again as opposed to the Soviet Union", he added. Thank you for the library.

The facts: That's an oversimplification.

US President Donald Trump at a cabinet meeting in Washington. Trump's rumblings provide an opportunity to learn many lessons. I mean, I'll give you an example. ISIS is our enemy.

But Pence said the United States was not "giving up on the fight" against IS militants and Washington was "going to continue to lean into the fight". "I'm not happy with what he (has) done in Afghanistan, and I shouldn't be happy". But you know what?

In another post, Wazhma Frogh, a prominent Afghan women's rights activist, reminded Mr Trump of USA support and funding for the mujahideen during the war. We will be doing that in the not too distant future. The removal or reduction of the USA presence from most theatres of action has created space for regional players: leaving Syria to Iran and its allies; Yemen to Saudi Arabia; Afghanistan to players like Russia, Pakistan and Iran; and Pakistan to China.

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