Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
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Cops release sketch of man wanted for killing 7-year-old girl

Cops release sketch of man wanted for killing 7-year-old girl

On Thursday, Houston Texans star wide receiver Deandre Hopkins tweeted that he will donate his game day check to help the family and dedicate Saturday's playoff game to Jazmine.

Hopkins said he will dedicate Saturday's game to Barnes as the Texans and Colts face off in their wild-card game with kickoff set for 4:35 p.m. ET.

30-year-old LaPorsha Washington was trying to move out of the Walmart parking lot with her four children in the vehicle around 7 a.m. when an unknown assailant in a red truck pulled up and fired shots into Washington's auto. Her mother suffered a gunshot to the arm and her six-year-old daughter was also wounded in the shooting.

The shooting occurred early Sunday east of Houston, while Barnes, who is black, was riding in a auto with her mother and three siblings.

Gonzalez said the shooting occurred on a service road as the family was heading to a store. Law enforcement officers are scouring areas surrounding the shooting scene to find the gunman, who was driving a dark red or maroon pickup truck, Gonzalez said. Washington took off, tires screeching as she left the lot - trying to protect her family by evading the gunman. "It could have been anybody in that position on this team.anybody in this city.It's unfortunate", Hopkins told ABC affiliate station KTRK-TV in Houston.

Gonzalez said authorities have not yet determined a motive in Sunday's shooting and have not found links between it and the 2017 cases.

'We are not going to rest until we have justice for Jazmine. Police are now offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The sketch compiled with information from Jazmine's mother and sisters, who are grappling with the trauma of seeing Jazmine killed, may be key to finding the killer.

Washington said she kept passing out during the wait for help. Black people are being targeted in this country.

Jazmine's family believes her death was a deliberate hate crime.

Investigators are comparing shell casings from the shooting to other cases to see if there are any connections, an official briefed on the investigation told ABC News. In August 2017, 21-year-old A'Vonta Williams was driving near East Beltway 8 to check on his girlfriend after Hurricane Harvey when he was shot by a white man in a Ford F-150 pickup truck, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Gonzalez said the possibility that Jazmine's shooting was racially motivated has not been ruled out. Black people are being targeted in this county. Union tweeted, "Find him!"

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