Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
Hi-Tech | By Kristin Zimmerman

Google's Voice Assistant Beats All Rivals 01/08/2019

Google's Voice Assistant Beats All Rivals 01/08/2019

Because Siri and Google Assistant come preinstalled on most mobile devices and only some would consider replacing them with either Alexa or Cortana, the global majority is still small.

Of course, as impressive as that figure is, it's slightly misleading. How did Google beat Amazon to this number?

Amazon has been ahead of rivals like Apple and Google with their Alexa virtual assistant enabled devices for some time and now the company has revealed how many Alexa enabled devices have been sold. CNET is tracking all the Google Assistant and Alexa announcements out of CES 2019.

As of this time past year, the search giant had managed to bring the tool to a whopping 400 million devices - that's no small feat, even with Google's wide influence in mind.

People are using Google Assistant a lot more often as it becomes more readily available. Google announced that it expects to sell one billion Google Assistant devices by the end of the month.

To start, neither Google Assistant nor Alexa will be built into the company's new TV sets. As well as many other features, and it also launched in many more countries in the past year.

In addition to news rendering and music listening, the Alexa-powered devices such as Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Spot and much more can be extended with the help of Alexa skills. Well, Google Assistant is available on smartphones, Amazon Alexa is available on some smartphones.

At CES 2019, Google has a big presence. Google Assistant vice president Manuel Bronstein, though, told The Verge what's behind that massive expansion, and it's exactly what you think. But the Google Assistant can solve that issue for many, by using Google's advanced voice recognition technology.

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