Published: Wed, January 09, 2019
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Brexit: EU says it will not renegotiate Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Brexit: EU says it will not renegotiate Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Theresa May's no-deal Brexit preparations suffered a blow after MPs defeated the Government in the Commons.

Labour's Yvette Cooper has expressed her delight tonight that the House of Commons voted for an amendment she had tabled to the government's finance bill, declaring on Twitter that it "shows the determination in Parliament to come together to prevent a chaotic & damaging #NoDeal that would hit manufacturing, policing & security".

I'm stood at the traffic lights now waiting to cross the road and it is a big day in Parliament because several MPs have chose to table amendment so that you can't actually do the preparations for no deal.

Mr Corbyn hailed the development as an "important step" to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

"Don't let the search for the ideal Brexit be the enemy of the good", May said, a reference to the criticisms of hardline Brexiteers and EU supporters such as former European Commissioner Peter Mandelson, who argue the deal undermines British sovereignty and should be rejected.

Analysts said May's comments to the BBC did little to hide the fact the British leader has no "gamechanger" amendments to the proposed withdrawal agreement capable of swinging the parliamentary arithmetic in her favour.

Two former ministers from the Cabinets of Margaret Thatcher, Ken Clarke and Chris Patten, have urged her to rethink and put Britain's exit from the bloc on hold in order for a political consensus to be hammered out on Britain's future relationship with the EU.

Lawmakers are expected to vote on it either January 14 or 15. Critics of May's deal to smooth Britain's passage out of the European Union on 29 March say the backstop could leave Britain subject to European Union rules indefinitely, long after it gives up any say over them.

"I don't see how the deal passes at the moment. the interesting thing will be how much it loses by at the first attempt", Anand Menon, a professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King's College London, told Al Jazeera.

European Union leaders and officials have said over recent weeks that they would be open to extending the Brexit process if Britain asked.

If she fails to secure the support of the House of Commons in the vote this month, May suggested Brexit without a deal would be in the cards - something analysis by the Treasury and the Bank of England suggests could be economically devastating.

May refused six times on the Marr show to say whether she would seek multiple votes should Parliament reject the deal.

"Deal or no deal, financial services companies" main priority is to protect their customers and investors from any post-Brexit fall-out and operational decisions are following a "prepare for the worst, hope for the best' strategy", Mr Ali added. "I think it's those kind of assurances we are happy to give".

EY's study tracks public statements by 222 of the largest financial services firms with significant operations in the United Kingdom about Britain's departure from the European Union since the referendum on membership of the bloc in June 2016.

Parliament once again took back control of Brexit on Tuesday night as senior Tories rebelled against the government in a cross-party bid to block a "disastrous" no-deal.

Speaking to Matt Stadlen, the Tory MP said that the Prime Minister's Brexit deal is the right option because the "British people are pragmatic".

May has repeatedly said that the alternatives to her Brexit deal are "no deal" or "no Brexit".

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