Published: Thu, January 10, 2019
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The Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl Speaks Out After Going Viral

The Golden Globes Fiji Water Girl Speaks Out After Going Viral

Fiji Water Girl, revealed to be model and aspiring actress, Kelleth doing the press rounds since her rise to internet infamy as an A-grade photobomber on Golden Globes day, Sunday January 6.

While it's clear Cuthbert was having fun with her time on the red carpet, she says she had no idea that she'd become a social media sensation until people informed her while she was still working.

It wasn't just the stars of film and television who served looks on the red carpet though. "The first meme of 2019, apparently!" According to Yahoo Finance, she also helped Fiji Water earn over $12 million in ad impressions.

After her gone-viral photobombs, Cuthbert spoke with Glamour about being an overnight Internet sensation, saying, "I do love a good meme, so I think it's incredibly ironic and amusing that I'm one now". "You'll travel with teams of people and spend a lot of time with them". News even gave Ms Cuthbert her own awards ceremony in a video posted to Instagram.

Kelleth, who usually works as a commercial actress and fashion model, was pictured behind some of the Golden Globes' most famous guests, including Jim Carrey, Richard Madden, Idris Elba and Taraj P Henson. "-Yq1kFQ3Jdo">serve face, because there are cameras at every angle, so you have to look good in as many directions as you possibly can". "I'm just trying to wrap my head around it, and understand the magnitude, but it's so weird", she said from her L.A. home on Tuesday morning.

Of all the awards, speeches, and memes inspired by the 76th Golden Globes, what actually endured beyond Sunday's broadcast?

Kelleth has over 106,000 Instagram followers and is represented by Wilhemina models.

Cuthbert is married to photographer Christopher Von Steinbach, who commonly shoots for Playboy Magazine. But one of the strangest memes that came from that night wasn't related to a movie or TV show at all; instead, it focused on a bottled water brand.

If you Google "Fiji Water", the first question that pops up is, "What is so special about Fiji Water?"

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