Little Giants Killara – Finding The Right Child Care

“What really sets Little Giants Killara apart is that we are not afraid to make mistakes, learn from them, and have fun doing it!” said Ms Martin. “My biggest fear when starting a new career was the fear of criticism. The fact is that it can be a lot of fun! But we have grown comfortable with our mistakes and learned from them.

Little Giants Killara – Choosing Child Care

Our aim is to offer children a high level of experience and expertise with everything that goes on in Childcare. We believe in being hands-on with every aspect of the day, including the curriculum, scheduling, equipment, scheduling, safety measures, and communication. We are committed to improving our processes and procedures. Our staff is also committed to being able to provide our young children with excellent customer service, giving every customer the highest levels of personal attention.

“The first week is crucial to the growth and success of your childcare centre,” says Ms Martin. “The first few days of childcare are when you get to meet your new clients and develop your relationship with them. Your children’s early days are very important and you want to ensure that your staff can quickly build a close rapport with your clients.”

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